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Astrology: gaining insights about yourself

Astrology gaining insights about yourself

Would you like to understand more about yourself or your relationship with others? Then astrology can help you with this. Astrology is a good tool for gaining insights about yourself and you can use this to develop yourself. Most people will be familiar with their constellation. Your Zodiac sign is based on the position of the sun at the moment you were born. But there is much more!

Birth Chart

The sun isn’t the only important part of your birth chart. The position of other planets at the time of your birth also have an influence on your personality. Through this you can learn more about yourself. But how do you find out? For this you need the following data: the time, place, day and year you were born. With this information your birth chart can be calculated. Your birth chart is made on the basis of the various planets. The sun, moon & ascendant are the most important three. Your birth chart can tell you a lot about yourself but with the birth charts of you and your loved one you can also find out if you and your loved one are compatible. You can do this with the help of a free synastry report.

The sun, the moon and the ascendants

The position of the sun determines your Zodiac sign, which is part of your birth chart. This mainly gives information about your personality. This can be very general and of course your personality is not only based on the position of the sun at the moment you were born, but also on your upbringing and the people around you. Besides the sun, the moon is also an important planet in astrology. The sun in astrology provides information about the inner self. Here emotions play an important role. The ascendants also play a major role in your birth chart. Here it is mainly about how you interact with the people around you. This could be family or friends, but also how you behave in a relationship.

Get to work

Are you curious about why you behave a certain way or why you make certain choices that underlie your personality? If so, your birth chart could provide you with many insights. Would you like to know more about yourself? Try an astrology compatibility report and find out if you and your loved one are compatible.

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